Monday, December 10, 2012

The cutest kids of 2012 - Hot Topics - Beaumont Enterprise

Whether you’re in need of a break from work, or a break from your own offspring (whom we are certain are equally cute), these videos will hit the spot.

A dog and a baby have a chat – A video of a baby and a pet husky singing a duet has become a major hit on YouTube.

They can’t walk yet, but these twins in England are taking to swimming like it’s nothing. William and Ellie are able to swim the length of an 82-foot-long pool on their own, and without the help of floatation devices. Their parents say they noticed the unusual talent when they started swimming classes with them. Soon the babies were swimming on their own.

Baby laughs at ‘fiscal cliff’

This baby can’t stop shaking it in this adorable dance-off with a mechanical Santa doll.

For the second year in a row, parents continue to exploit their children’s tears for comedy. Jimmy Kimmel has these awfully mean parents tell kids they ate Halloween candy and record their reactions.

Little girl’s frustration with the presidential campaign goes viral

In this viral video from Youtube user “Compilariz”, a number of babies taste lemons for the first time.

A London couple is using “Gangnam Style” to get their baby to eat.

A Tumblr called Children with Swag is a collection of cute kids dresssed to the nines. People submit their pictures for everyone to enjoy. Look out Zooey Deschanel and Jay-Z. Patrick Jones says don’t worry that these little guys and gals make you feel uncool, it’s mutual.

This baby gets “Jiggy with It”

If you’ve ever tried to talk to Siri, you know she doesn’t always understand what you’re saying. But that didn’t stop this one-year-old from giving it a shot.

A 9-year-old girl from Salt Lake City is a football star in the making. She has become a sports celebrity since her Pee-Wee highlight reel has gone viral. Norah O’Donnell reports.


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