Wednesday, January 23, 2013


No, it wasn’t for pills although I took like three painkillers and drank them with a shot of tequila. So, instead of going to the cinema we have decided to buy it and then watch it in my man’s Jerry’s house. But paparazzi are making her life whore because all those photos of Zooey Deschanel naked and some nip slip shots cannot be ignored as well. I believe she is an athlete and so elastic because that’s the kind of sports she has got. Take a look at Kendra Wilkinson topless pictures so that you could checkout the difference before and after the surgery. I just turn my computer on and start watching Rachel McAdams nude pictures that’s it. Starting with Monster’s Ball I have to say there you will find some unbelievable shots of Halle Berry boobs so that you could see her nipples as well. First one is my favorite movie and when I watched it I was masturbating about three times during each sex scene. You see, as I told you, on this photo you can see Keira Knightley naked and

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January 23, 2013 10:05 pm


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