Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coffee Talk #18 | Red Coat Studio

It’s time for another coffee talk link up, and this time it’s all about music! I love music, and more importantly musicians… I married one. I must admit when James plays, I never want him to stop, unless it’s to make out with me because there is just something so sexy about seeing him play that guitar… maybe I want him to play me like that… maybe I’m getting too dirty for our public blog. ;)

musical coffee

1. Compile your best music mix tape!

These are also my answers for question #3 –> [3. Best music video ever made.] I love the look of these videos. Lily Allen’s LDN makes me want to move to London, till I see the flat prices! Alt J’s video is so clever and intriging. Kimbra’s Settle Down features these little girls that look so grown up. Princess Chelsea’s video Yulia features nothing but her and a cat, and it’s awesome. If you have a few moments, watch this whole playlist. It’s only 7 videos that I threw together in a playlist on our Youtube channel for you guys. And a little reminder for you music lovers… James throws together a Mix Tape post every Friday and you music lovers would like it ;)

2. Biggie or 2Pac?

I once gave a friend a book of 2Pac’s Poetry/Lyrics. She loved it, and it really is a great book. However, I’ve always had a thing for Biggie. In fact, I think he is one of the best rappers that has ever made it to mainstream light.

4. Put together your best outfit of your favorite singer/band in

I had never been on Polyvore. I played on it for a while, made some cute outfits, but honestly if this is about my favourite style for one of my favourite singers, it would be a collection of Zooey Deschanel’s fabulous dresses. This girl can do no wrong. I love New Girl, I love her voice, and I love the way she dresses.

Zoeey Singing Dresses Collage

5. What music is your guilty pleasure?

Rap. Plain and simple, I love rap. I may not listen to it all the time, but I love some hardcore, nasty, gangsta rap.

6. Quote your favorite lyric from a song.

There are SO many to choose from. I’d say the simple line “I need you so much closer” just pulls at my heart right now, in this Death Cab For Cutie song. I just think of my husband and us currently being separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

Love, Tamara

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