Monday, February 18, 2013

New Girl Season 2 Episode 17 Parking Spot Spoiler: Which ...

16 mins ago, by Tanya Marcy

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Say what? Yes, apparently Jake Johnson’s character, Nick Miller isn’t going to be the only loft-mate that Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day will be smooching this season. How, when, and – more importantly, why?? – does this next New Girl locking-of-lips occur?

Let’s just say it’s Schmidt’s fault. Thank you Schmiddie, for bringing THIS up.

In Tuesday’s all-new episode [season 2 episode 17, "Parking Spot"], the gang’s intense battle for a parking spot is put on hold when Schmidt (Max Greenfield) finally finds out about his roommates’ kiss and reveals the fine print of the loft’s contract. “There’s a rule that if one person kisses Jess, somebody else has to,” [Jake] Johnson [(Nick)] previews in [E!'s] exclusive first look at the episode. “Nick already did, so it’s either Winston or Schmidt.”

Being a stickler to roommate rules? We thought that was only something Sheldon Cooper pulled…. So who do you think’s going to be the lucky guy to take the fall for this show’s “roommate agreement”, Winston or Schmidt?

Source: E! Online


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