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Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art | Fashion Lately

covergirl boo hand Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Learn how to do this Halloween nail art by yourself!

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It’s hard to believe that by this time next week, another Halloween season will have come and gone. *sigh* But that doesn’t mean we can’t drag out the festivities a liiittle bit longer! No matter if/when you actually suit-up, you can at least show off your holiday spirit with some DIY nail art that’s so good, it’s ~scary~. (But, you should totally still suit-up. Look at all these fun options we made you!) Thanks to COVERGIRL and their Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses, we’re bringing you a super-simple Halloween-themed tutorial to help you get your fingertips lookin’ boo-tiful (heh) in four easy steps. Trust, they’ll look positively perfect when dipped into a giant bowl of candy.

covergirl polishes Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Pretty maids all in a row.

Photo: MTV

Before you get started, you’ll need to get your polishes together. For this tutorial, we’ll be using COVERGIRL’s Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Glosses in the following colors: Crystal Clear 105, Go-Go Mango 245, Snow Storm 110 and Black Diamond 325.


covergirl step1 Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Step 1: Orange you glad this is starting off easy?

Photo: MTV

First, apply a quick coat of Crystal Clear 105 for an extra layer of glossy shine. Then, you’ll want to paint two coats of Go-Go Mango 245 on each nail, but be sure to let them dry before moving on to Step 2. This would be the perfect time to catch up on your favorite blog (*blushes*).


covergirl step2 Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Step 2

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After your double-coat of Go-Go Mango has dried, create a half-moon shape on the inner edge of every nail (except the middle fingers) with COVERGIRL’s Snow Storm 110 color.


covergirl step3 Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Step 3

Photo: MTV

Next, using a thin brush of your choosing and COVERGIRL’s Black Diamond 325 polish, create a spider web by drawing wavy black lines on top of the half-moon shape. There’s no exact science to this, so don’t worry about it getting a little wonky—spider webs aren’t perfect and neither is nail art! (Unless it’s like, your job, then it’s probably pretty close to perfect.)


covergirl step 4 Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

Step 4

Photo: MTV

Using the same thin brush as before, draw words/letters/spiders/etc. on your middle fingers with Black Diamond to serve as an accent. We wrote “HA HA HA” and “BOO” on ours, because our calligraphy isn’t exactly up to par and those words are relevant/have very few letters to deal with. But please, get creative! If you can write out “HALLOWEEN” on one single fingernail, you win a prize. JK there’s no prize, but you will win ALL the respect. Once you’re done, apply one final Crystal Clear coat to seal the manicure.

covergirl final nails Got You Covered: DIY Halloween Nail Art

The finished product! So good it’s scary.

Photo: MTV

TA-DA! That’s it! Your spooky nails are all set to go trick-or-treating/bobbing for apples/doling out candy to kiddies/howling at the moon/impressing everyone. You do you.

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