Thursday, October 17, 2013

Star Spotting: Beyonce Cradling Blue Ivy In Jorts And A Bikini Is ...

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Beyonce cradles Blue Ivy on the beach.

Was this an outtake from Bey’s 2014 calendar shoot? FLAWLESS!

Did you know that if you’re Beyoncé, the passing of seasons doesn’t exist? Like, if you want it to still be summer so that you can have a beach day with your daughter well into October, you can do that. Why? Because you are THE EFFING QUEEN and autumn waits for YOU to tell IT when to arrive. Um, what did you think “Run The World (Girls)” was really about?

JK, obvs nobody can hold on to summer forever (*breaks into uncontrollable sobs*). But while the rest of us pull our collections of moth-eaten Snuggies out of storage to brace for the chilly weather ahead, Mrs. Carter’s busy cavorting in jorts off in some warmer clime — at least according to this Instagram photo. You can almost hear her saying: “BRB, living my perfect life with my perfect daughter, Blue Ivy, and my perfect long-once-more hair! Have fun with fall! Bai!”

Adding insult to injury, BEYONCÉ LOOKS FOINE IN CUT-OFFS! Hmmm, since Bey and Jay Z like wearing matching denim outfits so much, does that mean that he’s just out of frame rocking identical Daisy Dukes? (We’ve never wanted anything to be true more in our entire lives.)

Photo credit: Beyoncé’s Instagram

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