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The 11 Most Mysterious Celebrity Deaths »

The 11 Most Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Article from TIME:

Are these the most mysterious ones? There are some who died and we’re not even sure how they died/what killed them. In the case of Tupac and Biggie, we know that a barrage of bullets killed them. However, we don’t know who fired those bullets. I get it that this makes it a mystery but at least we know for sure what killed them.

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What’s Your Celebrity Style? Play Our Game to Find Out!

Article from E! Online:

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There’s no doubt many of us turn to the stars to find a little fashion inspiration. And while most of us don’t get to walk the red carpet or pull designer runway looks when getting ready in the morning, that doesn’t mean our style is any less chic than that of our favorite celeb!

But when it comes to your fashion sense, are you as fabulously fierce as Beyoncé? As effortlessly elegant as Gwyneth Paltrow? Or perhaps your style is more in keeping with the adorably quirky look of Zooey Deschanel?

Whether you’re a full force fashionista or a casual cutie, we’ve broken down stars’ signature styles to let you which leading lady is your fashion twinsie! Play our “What’s Your Celebrity Style?” game to find out which A-lister’s style your look most resembles!

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