Monday, December 16, 2013

Rituals 101 | Maria Gil Ulldemolins

Rituals 101

Last week I introduced the idea of inventing a fetish to help you in a specific aspect of your business. And the ever wonderful website superhero Natalia asked: how does one start designing one? I realized I might have to take a couple of steps back and talk to you about rituals and then join it all together in another episode.

When I talk rituals, I do not mean anything with candles, or chickens being decapitated (I am a vegan, please!). I mean finding a few steps that happen in a particular event, ground you in that moment and give it importance. If this sounds obscure, just think about the steps you take to eat an oreo or cleanse your face. There is definitely a ritualization to it. Watch the video to see why this matters in your business!

TWEET THIS!: Rituals ground you in the moment and give sense to life. Add them to your business!

PS: Tell me ONE ritual you already have.




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