Friday, January 3, 2014

Just Do It DANGEROUSLY! The Razors' Edge

New Year, New Goals, New Lives, New Everything!

People are still in their holiday/new year rush; everyone is up and preppy. People buying new stuff, joining gyms, reading, doing odd things here and there…And then a couple of months pass and they’re back to doing whatever they were doing, not accomplishing anything.

Why is that?

For the most part, we all get sucked in to the hype of new years resolutions. Maybe some of us weren’t honest with ourselves. Some are just lazy. Some are just liars.

Some, or maybe more, are just really afraid, fear of failure is probably the best example – I mean you can’t fail if you never start. Or afraid to disappoint, disappoint your friends, or spouse, or family. You can’t disappoint when you never started.

Kinda seeing my drift here…

This kinda reminds me of that movie, “The Yes Man” – with Zooey Deschanel and Jim Currey; where basically, the couple meets due to a series of unfortunate events which all started from the protagonist, disregarding his disabling passive personality, and just actively acting out the whims of others, and his own.

So here’s a protip for all of you out there, right now…


If you ever wanted to snow board; go buy a frakkin snowboard, find a slope, and GO! If you every wanted to travel; drop everything, say your goodbyes, and start walking! If you wanted to make more money; drop your old job and look for a new better paying job, etc ec.

The examples I mentioned above are some of the types of fears most people meet; fear of physical pain, fear of not reaching your goals, fear of not being comfortable, etc etc.

That’s why my advice is to JUST DO IT! DANGEROUSLY!!!!

But hey, isn’t this advice, a bit reckless?

Yes! And that’s the point.

Override your normal programming by jumping head first. To me, this way is one of the best ways out there to learn experience and pain and suffering. The more time we spent on thinking, daydreaming, and planning how to live this year out; we could’ve been run over by a bus and life as we know it, ends!

So just jump into it! Start the New Year with a BANG and ride that momentum to 2015!!!!!

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