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By Jon Fortenbury,

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Every student has their reason for transferring schools

Transferring colleges doesn’t always have to be for academic reasons.

Sure, heading to a new school because it’s an educational upgrade or because it has your major is a great reason to transfer colleges. And sure, heading elsewhere for college makes a whole load of sense if it’s to study under an excellent team of professors or to save money on college tuition. But there are a whole set of other reasons to transfer colleges, which can also prove incredibly wise.

Here are 12 surprisingly compelling reasons to transfer colleges.

1.) Switching colleges for the prospect of love can be a totally legit reason to transfer. If you’re in a long distance relationship or really want to date someone, you may be able to transfer. If The Beatles are right, and all you need is love, then few things should get in the way of making that happen. Just make sure the person’s worth it and to really assess the financial and academic difference between the two schools.

2.) If you want to transfer to a college closer to your family, can anyone really blame you? Family’s important to many people and if being apart from them is too difficult for you, then go for it.

3.) While there’s no “one-stop shop for weather and mood,” as a Psychology Today article puts it, it’s important to make correlations between your mood and weather. Cloudy days make you sad? Then maybe it’s smart to transfer out of a college in Portland, Ore., where there are on average 222 cloudy days a year, according to Western Regional Climate Center.

4.) Sometimes, a college’s vibe just feels off to you. If that feeling of disconnect perseveres, and you don’t want your college experience defined by never feeling comfortable, then you may want to transfer.

5.) People are sometimes quick to say “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” But you know what? Sometimes it is. And if you feel you’d have a better college experience elsewhere, it may make sense to test that theory out.

6.) Relocating to help a close friend or family member in need could be a good reason to transfer colleges, depending on the situation and your relationship with that person.

7.) Want to start a campus club that would work better at a different school? This could add some shine to your resume and be an excellent experience.

8.) Don’t underestimate campus culture. You may want to transfer if the campus life of another school makes you envious, like say, Texas A&M University, which has special events to initiate freshman into its campus culture. The college experience surpasses merely academics, and school spirit can really make you enjoy it more.

9.) If sports are important to you and your current school’s athletic department runs a little dry, then you may want to transfer. Connecting with your college team sometimes forms a lifelong bond between fellow students and if you can’t imagine missing out on that, then don’t.

10.) If Greek life is important to you and your school lacks a fraternity or sorority you want to join, then you may think about transferring. Especially since fraternities may look good on your resume, like for example Delta Sigma Pi, which sometimes reflects well on a business student’s resume.

11.) If a lot of your good friends went off to college together and you miss them dearly, then a transfer could be worth it. Of course, you could always make new friends, too, but maybe it won’t be as meaningful to you to do so.

12.) If you really just need to start over, then transferring colleges can be an excellent way to initiate that. Maybe look into schools included in the American Institute for Economic Research’s 2013-14 list of best American cities to go to college in, which includes place like Ithaca and Iowa City.

Regretting your college experience for any reason is never worth it. If you can’t make a situation work for whatever reason, academic or not, then transferring colleges can turn out to be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. A college degree on your resume, regardless, may help you professionally and intellectually, but why not get one from a school that makes you happy?

Jon Fortenbury is an Austin-based freelance writer and human being. He’s been published by the likes of the Huffington Post and The Atlantic and is a featured contributor to Follow him on Twitter, to see his desperate Tweets to Zooey Deschanel for her hand in marriage.



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