Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Miley Cyrus comes last in Most Desireable Women of 2014 poll ...

We'll still have you, Milez

If there’s a certain lad you’re trying to catch the eye of, it would seem that twerking in his face and wearing nipple pads while hanging out with him is clearly not the way to go, as poor old Miley Cyrus has found herself coming last in a poll of the Most Desireable Women of 2014.

Even though we’ve seen more of her nipples than of her own recently, Miley’s raunchy antics clearly haven’t gone down too well with the males of the world, as she was beaten by the more fully-clothed likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

Miley Cyryus

Alright so it’s a bit of a sexist, annoyingly arsey competition, but AskMen ran a poll to chart the top 99 women that lads are desiring at the moment, and coming out top was Emilia Clarke, who you might know as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. But she does have pet dragons so that’s a bit of a bonus.

Also hitting the top few were the Blurred Lines girl, Emily Ratakjowski at #3, the ever awesome J-Law at #4, super classy Emma Watson at #5 and Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street at #9.

But in another shocker, just missing out on the big 10 was every gal's ultimate babe Beyonce, who only landed in at #11 (although that’s probably 'cause the lads were worried that Jay Z might come looking for them.

Emma Watson

Cara Delevingne took an impressive #13, Zooey Deschanel proved geeky girls have still got it at #17, Taylor Swift stole 30th place and Ellie Goulding took 34th, proving that you definitely don’t have to get your kit off to be hot stuff. WAHEY.

Don’t fret Miley matey, forget the haters ‘cause somebodeh lurves yerrhhh. Plus, you were Number 1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list last year so that’ll probably soften the blow a bit.

What do you think about the results of the poll? Agree that Miley's sexy shenanigans make her less desireable? Comments in the box below, please and merci.

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