Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quizzical Ponderings 3: New Girl Character | There's So Much to ...

OK guys. So I was scanning Pinterest and found the “Which ‘New Girl’ Character Are You?” quiz on BuzzFeed. So I took it. Is anyone actually wondering what my result was? (Of course not. It’s my featured photo, even if it ever was a conundrum.)

I would have taken Schmidt. He’s hilarious. And Jewish. And pretty. I would have taken Nick. He’s hilarious. And pretty. I don’t know that Winston would have been OK. Not because I’m racist (I’m not), but because he had a cat at one point. And I really, really hate those things.

So of course I got Jess. The explanation isn’t more than the fact that I’m “adorkable”. But also, several people (especially recently) have pointed out that I remind them of her. I could be super offended because her brain doesn’t always seem to be there and she has a love for all things cutesy, but I choose not to be offended. Zooey Deschanel has been one of my favs since at least my freshman year of college. My friend Tyler and I talked about how much we loved her. Her photos are in my room. She’s a talented actress, singer, artist, writer, etc. And her personality comes out in her character. So I can’t argue that. In honor of “winning” this quiz, I will now entertain you with some “Jess” quotes. You’re welcome!




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