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The Dolphin : New Girl star Max Greenfield talks at Syracuse ...

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Abigail Adams '16, Arts and Leisure Editor

April 10, 2014

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On Tuesday, April 1, eager college students piled into the crowded Schine Auditorium on the Syracuse University campus. We were waiting for one thing: the hilarious Max Greenfield. The man behind “Schmidt” on the hit Fox TV show “New Girl” is one to watch. His comical banter and never ending classic clichés are the backbone to a crazy likeable character on the show.

The lights in the auditorium dim and quickly turn into strobe lights as Greenfield dances on to the stage to Jay-Z… Yes, this man is a walking legend. Some of his first words to the hooting and hollering crowd of “adorkable” fans there, were “You have no idea how freaking pumped I am to be in the ‘Cuse tonight!” then quickly got into his funny side saying briefly “I have a beard.”

After some swift Jewish jokes (he is a Jewish man himself and was invited to do this by Hillel), including participation with Jewish students in the audience (particularly women named Rachel) students could not help their laughter. Greenfield gave teeny bits of real life advice hidden in every joke, short story, and quirky fun fact he told. His speech was very interactive, down to earth, and absolutely joyous to listen to.

Greenfield welcomed a Q&A with students on both sides of the auditorium, the line quickly formed and the rapid fire began. One of the first questions was about the real rules behind the game True American, which is a very complicated drinking game played on “New Girl.” Every fan in the room just about jumped out of their seat saying “YES!!!” He replied saying “There’s a nerd at Harvard who wrote the rules.”

Another lucky student asked Greenfield if he knows if Schmidt and Cece will ever get back together, after a loud and synchronized “Aww” from every female “New Girl” fan in the room, he said “I truly don’t know.”

One student asked about the struggle to find a job in the acting business after graduating college and wondered if Greenfield had any advice. After a pause and quick reflection on his early days in the acting scene, he said “I don’t think there’s an answer to any of it…Just go after it and be open to however it might happen to you.”

A couple fans asked Greenfield about the YouTube video of him in a fat suit, playing fat Schmidt on “New Girl”, while singing and dancing to Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” He decided to recreate the video, the speakers immediately started playing the song as Greenfield jumped away from the podium to bust a move. The crowd started clapping and going wild as everyone whipped out their phones.

After questions about Zooey Deschanel’s infamous bangs: “They just magically stay like that”, taking a selfie with a fan: “Now just because this one asked, we don’t need to start a parade”, to how he gets his hair so perfect: “This hair product called Night Rider”, to what it’s like being so devilishly handsome: “It’s the burden I bear”, he even put a dollar in a kid’s “Douchebag Jar”, sorry…another “New Girl” reference. Greenfield answered it all, and did so with a big charming smile on his face. The night was just as fun for him as it was for us.


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