Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Pixies Shill for Apple in New iPhone Ad (and I'm OK With That ...

Best. iPhone. Ad. Ever. (Ever.)

During the past few years, I've found most of Apple's ads to be rather silly, and sometimes annoying. They often portray the company's products as "magical" eye-popping delights, the gadget equivalents to a cure for cancer. Some of the people in those Apple ads seemingly can't believe how lucky they are to be using Apple products. (Just hand over your credit card number, and you too can be an iPhone User!)

I'm usually not particularly impressed by celebrity spokespeople either, of which Apple is particularly fond. Apple has lots of money. Celebrities like money, and they will gladly accept it to shill products, even if they don't actually use the products they're paid to endorse. This does not make me want to buy said endorsed products.

Then there are those horrible Siri commercials. Ack. (Normally, I enjoy looking at Zooey Deschanel, but…no.)

Apple's latest iPhone ad features music from the Pixies. I really like the Pixies. They made amazing, unique music in the late 80s and early 90s. They're from Boston. (We don't really have all that many great bands to call our own, so we're proud of the ones we do.) The ad itself is rather tame, by Apple standards, and I appreciate that.

Of course, being featured in an Apple ad could be considered the ultimate "sell out." But I give the Pixies a pass on this one, because…well, they never really got the credit or attention they deserve. Perhaps the Apple ad will help in that department.

If you're not familiar with the Pixies, check out this page for a list of their more popular songs, along with embedded YouTube videos. And then go pick up a Pixies album — any one of them. You'll be glad you did. (The song featured in the ad is "Gigantic," off the album "Surfer Rosa.")




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