Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nurse Jackie (Video) Season 6 Episode 6 Nancy Wood RECAP

Nurse Jackie (Video) – Season 6 Episode 6 “Nancy Wood” – RECAP


Nurse Jackie returns to Showtime tonight with a new episode called, “Nancy Wood.”

On tonight’s episode, Jackie’s fake identity is compromised. Prentiss plans a date with Zoey. Did you watch last week’s show? If you missed it and want to catch up, you can read our full recap RIGHT HERE!!

On last week’s show, Frank threw his back out searching the house for hidden drugs. Realizing she dodged a bullet, Jackie found a hiding place for them at the hospital. But suspicions were raised again when Grace mentioned that her mother was the world’s best liar. Zoey confronted Prentiss about his dissatisfaction at All Saints. Mia and Kevin made a big announcement. And Jackie popped a surprising question to Frank.

Every day is a matter of life and death in a hectic New York City hospital, but for Nurse Jackie that’s the easiest part. Between chronic back pain that won’t quit, and a personal life on the constant edge of collapse, it’s going to take a white lie here, a bent rule there, and a handful of secret strategies to relieve the pain, and stay one step ahead of total disaster.

Be sure to join us for our live coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie – Season 6 Episode 6 “Nancy Wood” — tonight at 9PM EST!


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