Friday, September 12, 2014

Grandmothers Accidentally Tagging Themselves as Grandmaster ...

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DJ Grandmaster Flash Andy Sheppard/Redferns via Getty Images

Grandparents do the darndest things, especially when social media is involved.

You know how sometimes you’ll be typing out a Facebook post or status and the second you begin putting the letters of a name, it’ll try to auto-tag it for you? Well, that was case for a lot of grandmothers who ended up signing various Facebook posts as the hip hop artist and deejay Grandmaster Flash by accident.

And, well, that’s absolutely adorable.

In fact, it’s been happening so often that the actual Grandmaster Flash brought it up on his own page, since he was being tagged in so many posts. “It’s true I get a lot of posts from Grandmas. Hilarious now I know why — Respect Grandma and Grandpa. P.S. This is Hip Hop!”

He also started a fun little game. “‘My Grandmaster Flash made the best biscuits.’ Your turn, now GO!,” he wrote, and fans all responded with something their grandparents, er, Grandmaster Flash was famous for.

You can see some of the most hilarious Grandmaster Flash tags from grandparents on this handy-dandy Tumblr. page! Thanks to BuzzFeed for bringing this gem to our attention.

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