Friday, November 29, 2013

I Really F*cked It up This Time, Didn't I My Dear ... -

So I completely fucking ballsed today up.

Great plans are great and all, but for effective execution you need to not be in an extremely negative place where you’re drowning in your own special vat of molten lava-like misery.

Tomorrow never comes in my life so I guess that means I’m starting again today. Right now. I have chicken, broccoli, eggs, and watermelon. It’s not exactly gourmet but being financially devastated by your ex means that you can’t have all the nice things in life. I chose amazing Zooey Deschanel hair over cashew butter and avocados. I’m sure I’ll regret it tomorrow morning when the humidity has killed my hair and I need something to keep me on track other than the complete lack of calories in watermelon. I’ll stress over how fucked things are then.

How much did I kill today? Fries, coffee with milk, and a donut. Oh and there’s ice-cream in the fridge which I’ll have to throw out before I dominate it. Fuck.

I have emotions. You know what doesn’t fix them? Fucking eating.

I say fuck a lot. Sorry about that.

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