Friday, November 29, 2013

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lopez Covered Topless, Zooey ...

I know many of you are in line at Target and Walmart stores today to ensure that for only fifteen hours of time, you can save fifty bucks on a back massager slash happy time tool for the wife, but for those of you who have stuck it out today for your fix of all things sextastic skin-filled celebrity, boy have your fellow readers come through for you today. It's an honor and a privilege to share them with you today, even as my burps taste like turkey and Wild Turkey.

This week's Reader Finds includes Abigail Breslin not quite barely legal but soaking in a tub for Tyler Shields (thank you kindly EgoReader 'Jake'), Jennifer Lopez covered topless and faptastic in her forties (dually submitted by 'Walt' and 'Maarten'), Shannon Elizabeth American Pie higher def redux (we never grow weary of Shannon's double dippers, thanks 'Glenn'), Bijou Phillips au natural topless in Bully (wild child funbags via 'Marcie'), Tara Reid topless on the silver screen in Body Shots (from a time long ago, by 'Devon'), Danica Thrall topless in lingerie (submitted willfully by 'C.J.'), Zooey Deschanel, Ms. Cute and Spunky, quite topless in the pool (blessings from 'Wobbler'), Carice Van Houten flashing her hooters for theatrics (transmitted from the mind of 'Rico'), Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh topless in Single White Hotties (I modified that, but still love from 'Stasha'), Ellen Page in red undies flashing booty in deleted movie scene (kudos to 'Will G.' for that find), Megan Fox downright sexy in moving pictures (Foxy photos sent by 'Owen'), Penelope Cruz topless in Spanish flick (Cruz-tastics provided by 'Stephanie'), Charlotte Gainsbourg nekkid in Nymphomaniac (wowzer von Triers dropped on our stoop by 'Randall'), Rita Ora hella chesty in Rob Cable photoshoot (loves me some Rita, thanks 'Ronnie'), Denise Crosby topless in the wayback machine (80's skin delivered by 'Jack'), Tulisa Contostavlos flashing pink panties (delicious peeks from 'Terry D.'), Kelly McGillis nekkid Sapphic fun (whoa baby scissor kissing by 'Les'), Emily Ratajkowski showing off in a bikini (Emily, my moon and sun, from 'Altered'), and, last, but not least, a double dip of Monica Bellucci, first nekkid in the movies and then covered topless preggo in Vanity Fair (from the benevolent hands of 'Skyler' and 'Benjamin' respectively). Enjoy.

And, with special gusto, I highly recommend this Marlene Marino shot video of Rose McGowan dancing pretty darn nekkid and full-frontal in her home (many thanks to 'RK' and several others who took note of this skin-filled doozy).


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