Thursday, January 9, 2014

People's Choice Awards Weirdest Dressed: Britney Spears vs Kaley ...

Gold star for effort, ladies...

Celeb studded events always split us right down the middle. We spend half the time swooning over all the glamorous gowns worn on the red carpet, and the other half of the time with a very confused look on our face wondering what the heck’ums a couple of the girls were thinking.

Last night’s People’s Choice Awards was no different, as while the likes of Lucy Hale and Nina Dobrev got it oh so right, there were also a couple of dodgy style decisions which have left us scratching our noggins. We're looking at you, Britterz...

Britney Spears

Take Britney Spears for example. She seemed to have tumbled into a time machine, travelled back to 2003 and tried to recreate her Toxic music video costume, in this nude dress covered in sparkly black lace flowers. Does it remind anyone else of that sparkly naked-looking body suit?

Either way, it was all a bit ‘AGH BRITNEY SPEARS IS NAKE-Oh wait no it’s alright, it’s just a dress’, and it’s too early for that nonsense.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is so smokin’ hot that she could wear a onesie to an awards ceremony and still look faboosh, but we’re not too sure about this bright white bodycon dress with bandage detail, corset sides and full body length zip.

Thanks to the unzipped bottom bit we actually thought she was wearing an Aladdin style jumpsuit to start with, so it could be worse we ‘spose.

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